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What we do for you

Getting Started

  • Free consultation to make sure your needs are heard and met
  • Develop and agree to proposed terms
  • Start or take over Quickbooks Online File
  • Conduct initial Clean Up to get your company’s books up to speed           

Monthly Bookkeeping Support

  • Download & categorize monthly transactions into QuickBooks Online
  • Optional add-ons: invoicing, bill pay, income categorization, etc.
  • Personalized monthly financial reports delivered via your preferred method
  • Monthly chats regarding your financial position
  • Serve as your go between with your accountant throughout year

Services not provided

  • Legal business advice
  • Tax preparation
  • On-Site Bookkeeping (Work is done virtually)
  • Laundry and house cleaning. 😉

Ready to learn more?

Prices are strategically quoted at a fixed rate, that way there are no surprises! The specific investment for your business depends on the size & desired services. Get in touch for a personalized quote!​


Hi, I’m Courtney and this is my family!

Let’s get some things straight: I’m a hard worker and darn good at what I do. I’m a working mom of 3; kind of speaks for itself, am I right?!

My late mother always said, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. And boy, isn’t that the truth?! After leaving my job of 13 years to make a change for my family and to start my own business out of our home, I have finally found what makes me happy – supporting others and taking their stressors away. And getting paid to do so! What?!

Just as you have chosen to go into the business of your liking, I have chosen to go into the business of mine…spreadsheets! Yes, but let’s get real, I love people and I love listening. I love serving and assisting. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. (Ok, get it together, Courtney.) I want to work along side you, to support and guide you with your business finances. But it’s so much more than that. I work as hard as I do to take the stress away and watch the joy come back to your life as you get back to finding your “why”.

Being a hard, honest worker is a skill my father modeled well, and a skill I strive to achieve on the daily. That being said, you’d better believe I take my job to deliver timely, accurate and helpful results to heart! I look forward to getting to know you, learning about your stressors and sharing how I can help make running your business a heck of a lot easier!


Courtney Allton

Professional Bookkeeper